When users and employees get involved in strategy development

The University Library at the University of Agder wanted to develop a new strategy in order to improve the library services for the users and set the course for the university library of the future. The library manager wanted to provide the library employees with tools to investigate and test current services with the users, as well as involve the entire (!) organization in the development of a new, shared strategy for the organization.

Actant taught the employees how to use our tools for testing users’ and non-users’ knowledge about the library’s services as well as the relevance of the services. Afterwards, Actant facilitated a two-day seminar where all the employees gained a shared insight into the users’ experiences with the library services. These user insights created a departure point for the employees to be able to create and prioritize their own suggestions for a shared vision, focus areas, values, and strategic goals for the university library.



Actant gave us new tools to understand our users and develop our services. We received a professional facilitation, ensuring that all employees played an active role in the development of our new, shared strategy. We had a really good process, which resulted in a solid foundation for the future work.
Jesper Christian Mørch, Library Manager at the University Library in Agder

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