When the end users’ reality becomes the basis for a new strategy

The Danish Agency for Leisure and Culture wants to devise a new strategy for Denmark’s Electronic Professional Competencies and Research Libraries (DEFF) for 2016-2018. Therefore, Actant conducted interviews with library managers, principals, and researchers regarding the libraries’ end users, challenges, strategies, and focus areas for the years to come. The interviews became the basis for a series of thematized inputs from the actors’ reality, which the Danish Agency for Leisure and Culture will use for devising the strategy.

On a previous occasion, Actant has helped the agency support that small and big institutions in the professional competencies/research libraries sector join forces in applying for funding from DEFF’s annual pool for bigger projects. Actant was in charge of preparing and conducting a partnership workshop that created the best possible conditions for the representatives from the sector to meet and work together on exploring project cooperations targeted towards DEFF’s focus areas.



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