Non-users and employees at Copenhagen libraries meet face to face

The Agency for Leisure and Culture in the Municipality of Copenhagen organizes the public libraries in Copenhagen. As part of an extensive, strategic transition, the agency wants to make the libraries more attractive for both current users and for citizen groups that hardly ever use the library – and they want the library employees to take part in driving the transformation.

Therefore, Actant devised a solid, qualitative target group analysis amongst the citizens of Copenhagen – both users and non-users – through interviews, mapping exercises, and workshops, making it possible to develop successful library services targeted at the citizens’ life situations, needs, and challenges. As part of this collaboration, Actant involved a large project group of employees from the libraries of Copenhagen, who were assigned with the task of meeting and interviewing the non-users of the libraries.



I have just finished reading the target group study. Fantastic and impressive. Thank you for your efforts. It is interesting, usable, and super professional. I’m impressed at what you have delivered – especially with regard to the time frame that you were given.
Helene Lindberg, projektleder, Project Manager, the Municipality of Copenhagen, The Agency for Leisure and Culture

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