An investigation of the challenges that young as well as more established entrepreneurs experience

Symbion works with entrepreneurs and innovative companies, which they support by offering attractive shared offices, networks, and talent programs. Symbion wanted to strengthen their understanding of young entrepreneurs’ needs as well as the barriers that the entrepreneurs experience at universities in the Copenhagen area, in order to explore the possibilities of supporting the entrepreneurs at their earliest stage.

Actant conducted a qualitative study of the environments for entrepreneurship and innovation at four different universities and identified the core challenges – e.g. professional, personal, and business-related – that entrepreneurs, concept developers, and project makers face and handle every day, as well as how Symbion can help them handle these.

Subsequently, Actant has helped Symbion in their efforts to strengthen the network creation among the start-ups in the two large shared offices that Symbion runs in Copenhagen. In cooperation with a project team from the master’s education in Applied Cultural Analysis at the University of Copenhagen, Actant conducted an ethnographical study of the companies and the two large shared offices. On the basis of this study, Actant provided a series of recommendations for how Symbion can strengthen the network creation and their relationships with the start-ups.



Knowing about the value, which you have shown that our customers experience, is extremely useful for us. It creates a really good foundation for our future ability to deliver valuable events to our customers.
Brian List, Vice President of Symbion Inc.

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