Prototype test of office hoteling and co-construction in a public library

Udviklingshus Fuglebjerg (Development House Fuglebjerg) is a cooperation between Næstved Library and Citizen service, Landliv A/S, Maglemølle Erhvervspark (Maglemølle Business Park), and Næstved Erhvervsforening (Næstved Business Association). The collaborative partners’ vision was to recreate the current library building and make it into a house that can contribute to cooperation across the library, the business sector, and the local society. In this way, the house will function as a dynamic center in Fuglebjerg and become an example of the library of the future.

Actant designed and completed a process supporting that the Development House got off to a good start. Concretely, Actant investigated and tested how the collaborators’ visions, demands, expectations, and wishes for the future users and residents of the house could be aligned with those of the possible users’ and residents’.

Interviews with local actors provided a valuable insight into the local perspectives, and on a workshop in Fuglebjerg, local actors were teamed up with library employees and companies renting spaces in the house in order to test whether they were able to generate ideas and develop suggestions for concrete initiatives across the library, the business sector, and the local society – and subsequently take ownership of the ideas.



The workshop was conducted in an extremely professional manner and with responsiveness towards the participants as well as a focus on what we wanted to happen. Toke and Marie are very skilled communicators, and the participants left the workshop feeling lifted and with concrete ideas to take home. The interviews provided valuable information regarding the hopes and dreams that the citizens and the business sector in the local society have – knowledge that we would never have been able to collect ourselves, and even less so within such a short time frame!
Karen Delfs, Manager at Næstved Library and Citizen Service

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