A shared understanding of competency strenghts and weaknesses in the organization

DR Arkiv (subdepartment of the Danish Broadcasting Cooperation) works with six basic competencies, which they use in their daily work in the archive for employee development and for relating their work to the general strategy of the Danish Broadcasting Cooperation. On this background, the archive manager wanted the management of the archive to gain a shared language and a shared understanding of the competencies of the employees from the various departments of the archive.

Therefore, Actant gave the managers a preparatory exercise and facilitated a knowledge workshop where the managers had the opportunity of gaining a shared understanding of the competencies in the archive. The workshop made the management of DR Arkiv better equipped for working determinedly towards strengthening and developing the staff’s competencies in the future.


I had not predicted that I would gain so much from this.
Tina Pipa, Manager at DR Arkiv

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