Because we’ll help you take action and act wiser in your organization, your market, or in society.
Because our decision and development support often consists of anthropological insights into human experiences and actions.
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Because it’s another word for an actor who plays an active role in a process – we do that!
We are a professionally specialized and committed team consisting of skilled partners, employees, and collaboration partners. We make an effort to understand your specific challenges and find the best ways to solve them. As our customer, you will experience personal and dedicated contact in combination with high quality and punctuality in our task solving.
Asger Fihl Simonsen
Partner & Anthropologist
+45 61 77 51 61
Asger is CEO and partner in Actant and a trained anthropologist with elective in philosophy. Asger has been in charge of more than 30 knowledge and prototype projects for ministries, regions, municipalities, and private businesses. Asger has an acute analytical sense and a calm sense of perspective.
Toke Kyed Amlund
Partner & Anthropologist
+45 28 11 08 25
Toke is a partner in Actant and a trained anthropologist with electives in rhetoric and communication. Toke’s communication skills ensure that our analyses are clear-cut and easy to understand. Toke has worked with involvement, anthropological insights, and innovative solutions on both public projects as well as in the consultancy business.
Marie Larsen
Consultant & Ethnologist
+45 24 89 70 07
Marie is a consultant in Actant and a trained ethnologist with electives in communication. Marie has experience in the fields of aging & health and food & consumption from Centre for Healthy Aging. Marie has been working at Actant since 2015. Marie is deeply engaged in her work and she is an experienced interviewer and a skilled communicator.



Our collaboration partners

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